The growing mecca of surf enthusiasts worldwide

Xurf Pool at XAVAGE in Riveria Maya Mexico

Coming Soon – Late 2019

Evolution of Traditional Surf

Emerging fast and evolving traditional ocean surf riding.

Perfectly Shaped Surf Waves

The perfect waves without the crowds, cold water, or risk of shark attacks.

Surrounded by Cancun’s Natural Beauty

Beautiful natural surroundings, all located in Cancun's natural beauty.

Multiplicity of Waves

Different sizes, shapes, and strength waves for beginners and experts.

The Mission

To bring the Aloha Spirit of surfing into a man-made paradise of perfect surf waves.

Accessible to anyone, and everyone, and at any time.

Surfing and the surfing experience encourage active, healthy lifestyle decisions, promotes environmental awareness, and positively engages the community around us.

Xurf Pool at Xavage is the first World Class Destination Surf Resort, Event Facility and Olympic Training Center open to the general public.

Offering competition quality "outside" waves for the advanced surfer, with intermediate "reef break" for the experienced surfer, in addition to the "inside break" for beginners, ending in the "splash zone" for small children, families and surfers to play and chill in refreshing uncrowded water, sunshine, and luxuriously appointed service intensive surroundings.

All within a man-made pool the size of 9 football fields providing the center of a World Class Destination Surf Resort and event facility located in the Heart of Riviera Maya Cancun Mexico.

International Competitions, Music Festivals, Destination Weddings, Hollywood Movie Sets

All add to the excitement of Daily Surf. Advanced surfers can access solo sessions on the "outside break" with the option of one on one mentoring from Olympic Athletes.

Beginners are encouraged to participate in intimate instruction by your choice of specially trained lifeguards.

Market Overview

Surfing is one of the most lucrative sports in the world.

The sport harbors over 35 million participants and the revenue generated from surfing hovers around $13 billion per year amongst all surf related industries worldwide.

In the Cancun area, the number of unique visitors annually is over 10,000,000.

  • There are currently 5 ocean quality surf pools in existence.
  • Two are not open to the public.
  • One opened this year.
  • The other two operate at capacity reservations for their best waves.
surfer dude

Xurf Pool at Xavage offers a level of amenities unequaled by any other surf pool anywhere coupled by the built in attractiveness of Cancun’s natural surroundings make this destination irresistible.

Leadership Team

don goode
Don Goode
Founder / Chairman of the Board
saul quiroz
Saul Quiroz
Chief Executive Officer / Project Lead
karen callahan
Karen Callahan
Senior VP Global Interface